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Transformational Coaching & Community Resiliency Skills Training Programs

The CRM program is a biologically based model of trauma resiliency and informed care that can be utilized in schools, hospitals, prisons, businesses, family and community groups.

As a personal and professional development coach and consultant and Community Resiliency Model Skills Trainer, I offer people a way to reprocess and release trauma responses, and grow resiliency and preparedness techniques.


We work with people who experience stress and trauma, who feel the highs and lows on a regular basis and who know how challenging that can be. Through the CRM process, we teach you how to identify what you are feeling and sensing in your body, to build a conscious relationship with your body through skills to bring you back into the resilient zone where we all function at our best.

For children and adults who have experience much trauma and stress at an early life, being able to get yourself back into your resilient zone can mean better health, better learning, better choices, better relationships and a better chance for their future.

Community Resiliency Skills Model

  • Learn simple, biologically based skills, founded upon current science, that helps individuals and communities get back into balance in body, mind and spirit.
  • Learn about common reactions resulting from individual or communal traumas such as poverty, racism, family violence, natural and human-made disasters.
  • Reduce common human reactions related to stressful/traumatic experiences.
  • Help people understand the biology of traumatic symptoms.
  • Learn to employ the 6 wellness skills of the Community Resiliency Model

Antonia Nelson“As we become more resilient human beings, we create more resilient healthy families and communities.”  – Antonia Nelson

Utilizing these skills can help us bring our nervous system back into balance after stressors in life from traumatic events or memories of them. Children learn this work easily and utilize it because they feel the results. When children are having temper tantrums, wouldn’t it be great to teach them a skill that they can use to help them calm themselves. Healthy children grow into healthy adults and contribute to making a Resilient Community.

Antonia Nelson is a Community Resiliency Model Skills Trainer, capable and experienced in in providing this knowledge to you.

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