Stress Relief

18bmh6s5fpoi4jpgHow to keep stress from eating you for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

It’s important for us to identify the stressors in our lives. To know what triggers you and learn the best strategies and practices so you  respond vs react to stress.

Much of the time stress feels like an unstoppable force, when actually it is a marker that can provide information crucial for our health and wellbeing.

You know the gauges and trouble lights on your car’s dashboard? Add Oil. When the indicator lights go on, what do you do? Pretend you don’t see it, put some duct tape over it and ignore it? Hopefully not. You probably get to the service station and oil add to your car.

Stress is like that. Your body lets you know when it has reached its limit, had enough, and say’s “I can’t do this anymore.” Those signs we often choose to ignore, we say, “I’m fine,” and push on until the next blast hits. Do this often enough and you may get sick, have injuries or accidents that stop us, we are forced to pay attention.

Learn how you can make healthier choices in your own life starting today.