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“Treating the physical body without healing the other aspects of self, (mental, emotional, spiritual) is like putting a band-aid on a blown tire.” – Edgar Cayce


Mission: To create a new relationship, a new conversation about health and well being, our life and our life mission.

Antonia Nelson


When you learn how to listen to your body, and develop a new relationship with it, your life will change! When you feel “stuck” in your body, most of the time, your life will also feel stuck! Relieve the stuckness, the pain and you will step into the flow of life.


You will experience a gentle resolution of pain and restrictions in your body and receive training on how to treat yourself at home and continue the healing process.


“Over the last 27 years, through Myofascial Release Therapy, I have seen many people become free from pain from injuries, accidents, surgeries, and traumas. They have tried many prescription drugs, had surgeries and tried other modalities and after little improvement, felt they had to live with the pain.” – Antonia Nelson



Myofascial Release Therapy, the “Missing Link in Healthcare,” offers each client an opportunity for greater health and wellbeing, to resolve pain and live an active, engaged and happy life.



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