Goals of the Community Resiliency Model

To learn simple biologically based skills, based upon current science, to help individuals and communities get back into balance in body, mind and spirit.

To educate about common reactions resulting from individual or communal traumas such as poverty, racism, family violence, natural and human-made disasters..

To reduce common human reactions related to stressful/traumatic experiences.

To help people understand the biology of traumatic symptoms

To learn the 6 wellness skills of the Community Resiliency Model

There is great calm that comes when you have skills to use, to meet stressors in life and bring your nervous system back into balance after stressful or traumatic events or memories of them.

Antonia is a Community Resiliency Model Skills Trainer and available to offer this work to you. Working with business, groups, families, Teachers, children.

As we become more resilient human beings, we create more resilient healthy families and communities.

To book a class  920-445-3561     Antonia@gbmfr.com